Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wombat memory

I now understand that system's memory size is passed to wombat by the iguana init server as Hal Ashburner said in his last e-mail, my question is about the LINUX_HEAP_SIZE definition, is that the amount of RAM memory assigned to wombat L4's thread?, or is it the parameter that iguana passes to wombat informing about memory virtual size, or both?
Hal Ashburner:
This is the size of the iguana memsection that is created and backed byphysical memory that is passed to wombat that wombat can then use for
its heap.

As far as wombat is concerned this is all the memory available for its heap, it knows of no more and can't use anything else.

And what is the L4_ZONE_SIZE?,

Oh, yes and about my last e-mail, does somebody know why is it that I have to use the -nographic parameter with qemu in order to run the c.img image?

Hal Ashburner:
Because there is no vga driver enabled in the version of wombat you are

Thank you very much,

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