Wednesday, March 14, 2007

close your eyes.... OPEN UP!!

What's it gonna be?, Last time I was talking about Gernot's idea of a user-level scheduler implementation for L4, but now I've come up with something using it, I've found what Sergio Ruocco wrote: User-Level Fine-Grained Adaptive Real-Time Scheduling via Temporal Reflection, also he said that:
A decision on releasing the framework has not been made (yet), but you
can read more about it in this paper

It seems that I can implemented it my self plus some other things I believe I can add to it. The question is: What do I want it for?, well I wrote long time ago at the kenge users list about me wanting to merge down the wombat scheduler into a L4 embedded thread. so that's precisely what I have in mind. one important thing is that I cannot shoot my own foot, so I have to make my goal something like this:

TITLE (which describes the goal): Framework for realtime Wombat Linux scheduler

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