Tuesday, January 16, 2007

distributed or disturbed notion of sigma0

Well, I had this project with my friend Jorge Cardona, about distributing an operative system trough a network of computers, so if you get to run a Virtual Machine on top of it, it would be transparent for the host OS, in other words a transparent cluster configuration.

How about making sigma0 distributed over a network?, in that way VM machine threads memory on top of L4 would be distributed, and then, it wouldnt be too complicated to make a thread to manage distrubuted interrups and make virtualized wombat to use such thread, thus having wombat working under multiple computers at the same time, and one could do cool things such as active-active failover OS.

Reading this B-method implementation i found this:

Sigma0 is the default system pager. Its job is to take up all possible non-kernel memory on start up, and give it out to threads as it is requested. Sigma0 is not a memory manager, and does not accept any form of request to take back (free) the memory that has once been given out. When other special threads load during the kernel loading procedure, memory is taken from sigma0. After this is done, a memory manager should take the remaining memory from sigma0 and manage it appropriately. Sigma0 gets its own address space, and is a privileged thread.

If I understand OK; in order to make it real one would have to worry aboout sigma0 and a memory manager.

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