Friday, May 25, 2007


Well, AFTER HARD WORKING ON IT, I STILL CAN'T MAKE MY DOCUMENT LOOK AS UGLY AS ICONTEC WANTS ME TO!: Story begins yesterday when I lost all my day working on something I couldn't avoid to do; unfortunately any UPB's undergrad project documentat should be properly delivered in compliance with ICONTEC norms for documents, thing is, I'm using LATEX and as you can imagine there is not a single LATEX class for ICONTEC on the searchable planet (google), meaning that I have two options: redo on M$ word, or .cls DOITYOURSELF, since such animal was climbing my leg directly to my ass, I decided to put an end to it yesterday. Well, after a complete day of tweaking the standard neat book class; I STILL CAN'T DEFEAT IT PROPERLY INTO ICONTEC, IT STILL LOOKS SOMEHOW NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, once I get it done, I'll sure share such .cls file to the world.

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Anonymous said...

Hey do you have this .cls file, please let me know if you have it with the icontec rules, and give me some hint as to how you managed to do that, thanks