Thursday, April 26, 2007

evolving to OKL4

Well, I was out of town for almost one week, now that I'm back, I've been informed that OKL4 has been released at Open Kernel Labs, and now getting it up and running seems much more simplier, than old iguana-devel:

tar xvfz
./tools/ machine=ia32_pc99 project=iguana wombat=True simulate

I've noted some changes:

there is no lua script and init for iguana, therefore, I have a few questions:

What is the l4 to wombat init sequence, and where can I customize it?

The other thing: I'm trying to understand the iguana/server/src/main.c

but I can't find the server_loop() function code.

Here is some output:
jetorres@dolce:~/cool/okl4_release_1.4.1.1/iguana$ grep -r server_loop * ../libs/*
naming/src/naming_server.c: server_loop();
serial/src/main.c: server_loop();
server/src/main.c:extern void server_loop(void);
server/src/main.c: server_loop();
timer/src/main.c: server_loop();

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